Every bold step needs motivation. What do you usually do when you are wishing to start with your venture? Interact with people, attending conferences & sessions. Or be at important events, surf the internet and books and every usual activity. Next time you think of starting up your own thing, add watching movies to your list.

Movies are not just stories presented to us in a glamorous way but a reflection of our society. When we cry or laugh at a movie, it’s because we relate to the story. Movies do have an influence on us. We can always learn a lot from Bollywood movies. Here we have selected a few movies we think would inspire the inner entrepreneur in you and would boost your essence.

Rocket Singh

You talk about business, sales and work and you simply remember “Rocket Singh- Salesman of the year”. A guy who amazes everyone with his brilliance. It’s the story of an entrepreneur that teaches us everything right from teamwork, ethics, hard-work, falling and then getting back up again. It’s a complete guide to starting your own business. Don’t worry on how well or not did the movie go, instead take out the great things from it.


bollywood movies to motivate 2

This movie is kind of based on the life of the business legend Dhirubhai Ambani. It’s a story of a middle-class man who used his rich wife’s dowry to start his business and building up his realm from scratch. The movie teaches you to not lose hope whatever the hardship is and that you should never be affected by how adverse the situation or how negative the people are about you.


bollywood movies to motivate 3

This 2006 release revolves around two corporate giants who are just focused on increasing their profits. It is based on 2003 pesticides issue in India when pesticides were found in cold-drinks. This movie takes you to the corporate feels and takes you through the reality of big businesses. You will see the dirty business and politics and the game played by the men in power to keep up their top position overlooking the common people. Despite coming up with a negative message, it should be watched to stay aware of the truth that not everything in the corporate sector is ethical and right.

Manjhi – The mountain man

Apart from the brilliant acting by Nawazuddin Siddiqui, the movie teaches a lesson to stay focused and resolute. Not just you can move the mountains but you can cut them if you are determined. How Manjhi cuts up a road through a perilous mountain shows anything can be achieved. His road to success was neither easy nor safe but his never-ending will and undying determination made him achieve his goal. This movie is a great motivator.

Band Baaja Baraat

Bollywood always picks up some strong points to discuss. One great rule of business discussed in the movie is “keep your personal life different from the professional life”. It’s about two people who team up to start their own business of wedding events. From the struggles, a startup faces in its journey, how to work as a team and how to not worry about your competitors.

The movies always have a big and hidden message that has to be found from the pool of drama, action, glamour and entertainment involved. Happy movie-ing!!